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Students who are enrolled in Edgenuity DL classes can access all classes online from home. All permissions have been opened and you may have 3 retakes, and you will automatically progress on to the next assignment with your highest score. Guided notes have been enabled for those course that have them available. Mrs. Peck will be checking her email several times a day if any student taking a DL courses needs anything, please email her at Stay well!

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Kahn Academy

Kahn Academy & SAT Practice
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PARENT'S GUIDE TO OFFICIAL SAT PRACTICE - Click here to download the flyer

Rumor & Bullying Hotline Now Available!
Rumor & Bullying Hotline

NEWS at Jemez Valley High School

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GORUCK 9/11 Commemorative Event Benefits Jemez Valley Public to read more

Phone & Fax Numbers
Ph: 505-373-0137  ext 312 or 
Local Ph: 575-834-7392 ext 312
Fax: 575-834-7676

Attendance Reporting Line
505-373-0137  ext 494 or 
575-834-7392 ext 494